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Midieval War -- SCA -- Estrella (Feb 2003)
Maui and Honoloulou for the conference

Last run with the EAs and Mongrels (Jan 25)

12th Night SCA Revel (Jan. 19)

The Korea War Museum in Seoul (Jan 12)

Honk Kong Island, Hong Kong (Jan 4-5)

My awesome trip to Brisbane, Australia (Dec 27-Jan 4)

51st Squadron Holiday Party (Dec)

Joni and Jen have a photo shoot with my camera (Dec 21)

Second trip to Kunsan (~Dec 20-21)

Julio's brown bean and Lara Lee's green bean

First snow that stuck -- at the office

The SCA go to the all you can eat -- cook it yourself - bolgolgi place
James Stuart's reinlistment - sometime in November

My first time at country night (Nov 21)

A night at the Greenday (Nov. 9)

Kegogi -- Dog meat (Oct 29)

Camping at Odeasan (Oct 26)

Halloween at the Mustang (Oct 31)

SCA Coronet Tourney (Oct 26)

FNG night downtown - EAs (Oct 19)

A couple of Parties at my house and SCA practice (Oct 20-21)

October Exercise - (Oct 7-11)

Great camping adventure to Odaesan NP (Sept 27-29)

Free Charlie Daniels concert at Camp Humphreys (Sept 26)

Airshow day (Sept 21)

Hawaiian adventure and scuba cert (Aug 31 - Sept 7)

SCA in Hawaii, Kingdom of Caid (Sept 1)

Felicia's last night on the town (Aug 30)

Felicia's last week in town and Korean furniture

Parrish gets married -- Pictures by Sam (Aug 30)

Parrish gets married -- such a cute couple!! (Aug 30)

Misc SCA practice -- everyone dresses in my rapier gear (Aug 25)

Pics from Felicia's going away and some EAs

198 pics from the Camping trip (Aug 16-18) - from Tom and Chris's cameras

Pictures for mom -- a screen I bought here

GeoBase trip to Kunsan, Red Devils and A-town (Temporarily unavailable)

Jiffy's bday party

Friday night downtown in Songtan - yet another one (Aug 2)

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