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Going Away and Bday, May 08

Maui Adventure, May 08

Big Island Adventure and Mom Visits, April 08

Big Island Adventure, April 08

Haunama Bay Night Dive, Mar 08

Kayak China Hat and Coconut Island, Mar 08

Camping on Oahu, Mar 08

Mokes and Coconut Island Kayak, Feb 08

Misc Hawaii in Jan 08

Kuaokala Hike, Jan 08

Kaneohe Snorkle, Jan 08

Magic Island Night Dive, Jan 08

New Years Eve, Dec 07

Xmas Eve and Xmas, Dec 07

Arboretum, Dec 07

Janet and Wally Visit, Dec 07

Mokes Kayak, Dec 07

Kauai Adventure, Nov 07

Toga Party, Nov 07

Deep Sea fishing from Honolulu, Nov 07

Halloween in Waikiki, Oct 07

First weeks in Hawaii, Oct 07

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