Guam and other Travels in 2003 and 2004 by CombatChris

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Last Night in Guam 062504

05/15/04 Big Island, Hawaii

May 04 Around Oahu

May 04 Oracle Training and PACAF conference

May 04 SCA in Hawaii

04/12/04 Cairns and Canberra, Australia

April 04 Rowany SCA festival, Australia

Misc Guam 040404

021504 Wyland comes to Guam - Divers Night

020104, South Guam flowers and short hike

Jan 04, Misc Thailand pics - Phuket, Ko Tao, Ko Phi Phi

0104 Several nights and days in Bankok, Thailand

010404-010904 Changmai, Thailand - Trekking, Night Market, Cooking

122702-123103 Philippines and Singapore

121303 Camping at Pati Point Beach with the work crew

120304 Work Holiday Xmas Party

Dave's wife Val visits and we drive around the island

112603-113003 Yap - Land Pictures

I got a new mini-camera, Bill's going away party, my favorite Indian Food, me getting pied in the face (Nov 2003)

Halloweeny with Friends (Oct 31)

Pictures of the Coronet Tourney by the Boyscouts (Oct 26)

Coronet Tourney (October 26)

Underwater World - pics by chris and brian (July 21 2003)

Jungle River Boat Cruz - pics by chris and brian (July 19 2003)

SCA practice - Barbs new armor (July 19 2003)

Out with friends (July 18 2003)

ESRI conference - pics by Tobi (July 6-12 2003)

ESRI conference (July 6-12 2003)

San Diego: July 4, Sea World and Tijuana (July 4-12 2003)

Matt from the Navy visits Guam and SCA (May 2003)

Antonio's stepping up ceremony - SCA (May 2003)

Touring Tokyo (May 2003)

Japan SCA - Coronet in Tokyo (May 2003)

The boys at work, testing my camera, Chamorro dancers (May 2003)

Last Court before Coronet (May 2003)

At work -- Disgusting Chamorrow food -- embryo eggs (May 6, 2003)

Trip to Southern Part of Guam (April 26, 2003)

SCA Demo at War Memorial (April 26, 2003)

GeoBase Conference in Hawaii -- new camera (April 2003)

GeoBase Conference in Hawaii - old camera (April 2003)

World's End SCA Guam (April 2003)

Going out downtown in Guam (March 2003)

Views from my house in Tumon, Guam (Feb 2003)

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