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The newer pictures on this page were taken with a SONY DSC P9 Digital Camera 4.0 megapixel with a 128 Meg Card, Underwater Housing and a red lens filter.

Underwater Galapagos Snorkling, April 08

Seward diving - boulders, shark tooth, wreck Sept 06

Diving in Whittier May 06

Easter Diving and Easter Dinner 06

Kayaker Cove - set 2, Seward, AK, Sept 05

Wall and Boulder City, Seward, AK, Sept 05

Fox Island, AK July 05

Diving in Seldovia, AK July 05

The Naval Research Tower, San Diego, July 05

The Yukon, San Diego, July 05

Ruby E Ship, San Diego, July 05

Diving Whittier and Seward, May 05

Diving in Bali 2004

Xmas 2004 Bonaire Diving

032804 Gun (Turtle pics), Blue Hole and Haps with Fire Dept

0320004 Piti Channel Night Dive with Fire Dept

031804 Gun Beach Night Dive

031304 BBQ at Gab Gab and Overlook

021504 Bile Bay, South Guam

021404 Gun Beach Shallow Dive

020704 Cocos Island drift and Pete's Reef

010604 Ko Phi Phi and Ko Tao, Thailand

122603 Xmas Day dive

121403 Piti Channel

112603-113003 Diving in Yap for Thanksgiving

112603-113003 Yap - Land Pictures

111904 baracuda Rock

111603 Cemetery Wall, Guam

110803 Haps Reef

110903 Palace Wall, Guam

110503 Gab Gab2 at night boat - Cuttle Fish!

110203 Univ. of Guam - shore dive

102403 FishEye Snorkle - Lori and Bill

101503 Tokai Maru - Wreck Dive at Night

100803 Gab Gab

University of Guam

100503 Gun Beach - shore dive

100203 Diving with the Fire Dawgs (Andersen Fire Dept)

0923 Gab Gab 2 at night - Boat

0823 Piti Channel under the road

0922 Double Reef and 2 Caves

0905-0907 Chuuk Lagoon - WWII ships

0829-0901 Palau - AWESOME trip!

0824 Tokai Maru and Cormorran - Boat Dive

0823 Japanese Fuel Pier and Turtle Rock - Shore Dives

0823 Gun Beach Friday Night - Shore Dive

0808 Finger Reef

0804 Amphitheater and Finger Reef - Boat dive

0802 Gun Beach, Ypau Beach snorkle and SCA at the end

0801 Friday night shore dive - near Ga'an Point

0731 Snorkling Gun Beach

0727 Gab Gab 2/Gab Gab 1 and snorkle - shore dives

0726 Fish Eye - with Salina, Tim and Dan

0719 Gun Beach - boat dive

0721 Finger Reef

0719 Fish Eye

0717 Fish Eye

0715 Gun Beach at Night

0701 Gun Beach Snorkle - 1/2 mile from my house

0625 Dive in Guam - pics by Chris w/ Bill's digital - Shark's Pit

0615 Dive in Guam - pics by Bill's digital - I wasn't there

0614 Dive in Guam - pics by Bill's digital - I wasn't there

Dive in Guam - pics by Chris w/ Bill's digital - Western Showls

Dive in Guam - pics by Bill w/ his digital - Hourglass

Great Dive in Hawaii (April 2003)

Hawaiian adventure and scuba cert (Aug 31 - Sept 7)
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Underwater Pictures by Combatchris


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